We want to be the kind of people you never forget

Dear reader,

We would like to celebrate, in our own way, this unexpected meeting -although we do not always believe in coincidences-, by playing a joyful melody with our words and offering it to you as a gift.
We were lonely travellers, walking through this world by ourselves, alternating sleep and wake, before our paths crossed. Then, like a Supernova, our Souls exploded and our hearts melted together.

Allow ourselves to introduce Kauna and Sowilo.
Sowilo represents the Sun, Light of this World.
Kauna represents a mirror, and a torch – Reflection.
S and K are the initials of our names.
Combined together, these symbols represent us: our wishes, our aims,our passions, our hopes for the future, a silent prayer…

Sowilo is a Belgian Artist, former architecture student, now dedicating his talents to Visual 3D Design. He has been painting and drawing his whole life and all of the artwork you see in this blog is made by him.

Kauna is an Italian girl-shaped kitten, graduated from the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation in Rome, now getting her Master degree in Translation. She has been writing and reading throughout her childhood and wants to become a writer.

Since our paths crossed,we have been discussing many aspects of human life, as if we have done that for centuries (…have we?). We felt like all these conversations, thoughts, accidental reflections and comical sketches  should be shared with other human beings, hoping that some of the topics and dialogues (dìa-logos, literally “through discussion”, the IV Century habit of discussing feelings, ideas and thoughts for the sake of Wisdom and communication …) will give you plenty of hints and inspiration for your own journey.

We have been worried because we feared that we would not be able to explain Us to the world, such a strange society we live in!
Day after day we would write and speak and discuss and share so many interesting elements that we thought “Could this be helpful to others? Should we share our conversations, in case that might help people like us?”. We live in a terribly painful and terribly fantastic world.
That is why, when you have the chance to meet a special person, a pure soul, a pictoresque subject or a brilliant mind, you should always celebrate it, in your own peculiar way. We will share a bouquet of the most interesting places we have seen or things we have created, hoping that our melody will vibrate in your mind and warm up your heart.